Hiding behind complicated words and snazzy marketing are harmful, toxic ingredients in body lotions and skincare products that you’re probably using right now. This article includes only the most popular brand name lotions and the harmful ingredients they include – it isn’t a complete list. If you know of more, please let us know by leaving a comment below! Warning: this only includes harmful ingredients, not all harmful substances, in body lotion Did you know that some popular, trusted and well-known body lotions and beauty products include known carcinogens and allergens? Those substances are not on the label, because they’re legally: Not an ingredient (instead classified as a ‘contaminant’) Not yet banned in the American market Hidden in long, scientific-sounding words Mislabeled as ‘colorants’ or ‘dyes’ A by-product made from mixing two other chemicals that are listed Mercury in mascara. Lead in lipstick. (This is real – check our sources.) Toxic…