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Sharing Our Love of Nature Since 2013

The team at AffordablyNatural has been worshipping nature since a young age. Gradually, there was a transition over the years from sharing medicine and herbs to sharing tips and advice. Friends and family became increasingly interested in ‘getting back to nature’, eliminating harsh chemicals from their lifestyle and concocting good old-fashioned remedies for common ailments. Soon, medicine wasn’t shared but traded or given in exchange for (often monetary) compensation.

It’s hard to put a price on a life – be in human, animal or plant.

Everything in this world is a gift: the friendships we are blessed with, the food shared at our tables, the stories and lessons shared in written and oral form. And yet, one must still ‘survive’ in this world by paying rent, purchasing food one cannot grow, paying taxes, etc.

When the website of AffordablyNatural officially started in 2013, everything we sold was hand-picked in the wild. From the forests of Northern Minnesota to the tropical climate of Northern Florida, we scavenged and mushroom-hunted for our family and friends. Because our homemade teas and tinctures were in such high demand, we decided to ramp up our private passion into a paid part-time hobby. Over the years, we’ve expanded our wild-harvested herbal kitchen to include some home-grown classic herbal stand-bys such as sage and aloe vera. The latest addition to our collection is truly a work of art: Love You Body hydrating balm made of +99% organic ingredients.

Despite growing over the years – and having to pay rent – we stay true to our humble paradigms and communion with nature. If you are in need of medicine (though we’re not legally allowed to call sage, aloe & co. by such terminology), please get in touch with us. We can work out a discount or barter for goods/services.


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