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Chaga mushrooms benefit humans, even though they hurt the Birch trees they grow upon. This unique mushroom can be found growing in the wild in North America, and is especially popular in Siberia and other parts of Russia. Here’s how you can prepare the coarse, raw chaga to best utilize its health benefits. Chaga Mushroom Benefits to Health are Currently Partially Known Although Chaga has been harvested and used medicinally for hundreds of years, not many studies have been carried out scientifically in the past few decades to find out more about its health benefits against cancer, diseases and other ailments. This is likely due to issues with monetization; pharmaceutical companies tend to invest large amounts of money into clinical studies for drugs they can patent rather than free and natural substances found in the wild. Chaga Mushroom Nutrition The composition of raw Chaga can be summarized approximately (due to…

The main benefit of Cedar tea is common knowledge among the woodsman in the North. When the Europeans first came to North America, they suffered during the wintertime from diseases resulting from a lack of Vitamin C. Cedar tea had enough Vitamin C to keep them healthy, and was easy to make. Cedar was very easy to find and harvest. Today, we know about the dangerous properties of Cedar which can be toxic and even deadly if too much Cedar tea is consumed. This article will cover the benefits of Cedar tea as well as overdose warnings and useage amounts. Read on to find out how and where to harvest this sacred tree. Where Do Cedar Trees Grow? There are different types of cedar trees: red, white, bay and dozens others (find them on Wikipedia here). They grow in hardiness zones 2 – 9, which is pretty much all of the United…

Rose hips are the tiny seed packets in the center of the rose. They are left on the stem after the petals have fallen off. How to harvest rose hips is fairly easy – it’s mostly just in timing the harvest right. There’s nothing more natural and affordable then going outside and eating (or drinking) a piece of nature! Rose hips uses are nearly endless in the home and kitchen. Scroll down for recipies and harvesting tips. Rose Hips Uses: Tea, Jelly & Baked Goods Although dried rose hips do look lovely in potpourri or as decoration on a wreath, their nutritional benefits and delightful taste are too much to pass up! You can use rose hips in a variety of ways: Decoration in potpourri Decoration on a wreath of wood or evergreen branches In rose hips tea In muffins, bread or cookies In rose hips jelly or jam When &…


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