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In today’s hectic lifestyle, taking time to care for your skin can be expensive if you have to buy lots of name brand products from stores — plus, they often have harmful ingredients that dry out your skin. Do It Yourself (DIY) body scrubs are the solution! The homemade body scrub ideas are absolutely easy to make and don’t take up much time of your schedule. Make a DIY body scrub in less than 10 minutes Well, obviously if you have to drive (your car or your bike or public transport) to buy the ingredients, then in total it’ll end up being more than ten minutes! But if you can pick up the ingredients while your’re shopping or better yet, pick the ingredients fresh from your backyard or nearby patch of forest, then these recipies will be a piece of cake to throw together. Here are 9 DIY homemade body…

Stop wasting money on hyped-up products that have been shipped from halfway across the ocean! You can do an affordable, cheap detox on your own and using simple foods native to your region. Cheap Detox: Start Simple Like everything in life, a natural detox cleanse is also 100% mind over matter. The best way to help your body get rid of toxic waste – which it does naturally everyday – is to boost your immune system and get plenty of rest. This means that a cheap detox focuses mostly on your attitude rather than being insanely picky about what you eat. Here are some basics that you should incorporate into your everyday routine to make sure your body is less stressed, and can detox more easily: Get enough hours of sleep Doctors recommend 7-9 hours each night. Get restful, deep sleep This means a dark, quiet bedroom for peaceful ZZZs. Try…


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