Stop wasting money on hyped-up products that have been shipped from halfway across the ocean! You can do an affordable, cheap detox on your own and using simple foods native to your region.

Cheap Detox: Start Simple

Like everything in life, a natural detox cleanse is also 100% mind over matter.

The best way to help your body get rid of toxic waste – which it does naturally everyday – is to boost your immune system and get plenty of rest. This means that a cheap detox focuses mostly on your attitude rather than being insanely picky about what you eat.

Here are some basics that you should incorporate into your everyday routine to make sure your body is less stressed, and can detox more easily:

  • Get enough hours of sleep
    Doctors recommend 7-9 hours each night.
  • Get restful, deep sleep
    This means a dark, quiet bedroom for peaceful ZZZs. Try smelling lavendar or other soothing essential oils before bed, and reading quietly or meditating to help your mind calm down.
  • Start with a smile
    Starting your day by looking at affirmations taped to your mirror or hugging your loved one can make the rest of yuor day pass smoothly and calmly.

oil pulling for cheap detox1. Oil pulling.

This is the easiest thing to add to a cheap detox plan. In the morning, before eating or brushing your teeth or making love to your partner again, put a table spoon of oil in your mouth and swish it around for about 15 minutes. Some people prefer 20, others say they see results after 10 minutes of oil pulling.

This is such an affordable and easy way to detoxify your body, strengthen your gums and prevent bad breath, teeth decay, dryness in the throat, and a host of other maladies.

The benefits of oil pulling extend beyond simply detoxification, and an article focusing solely on oil pulling (and oral care) will be published soon. For now, enjoy this ten-minute read summarizing a study done on holistic approaches to oral health.

2. More chewing.

Sounds too easy to be true, but that’s not the case. The more times you chew your food, the more your body is prepared to digest it easily.

Saliva helps break down the food before it reaches the stomach where, triggered by salivation, more stomach acid has gathered. Chewing your food slowly also gives your brain time to register that your stomach is full. Eating slowly and mindfully means that you’ll have less indigestion problems and eat less as well.

Less food for your body to process means that it can spend more energy on detoxing itself.

3. Exercise.

For two reasons, excercise is great when doing a cheap detox: sweating out toxins and moving the lymphatic system. The latter, unlike the body’s cardiac circulatory system, doesn’t have a pump to push through through the old and new clear fluid (called ‘lymph’) that transports white blood cells to the body.

There are some people out there who would rather drive bamboo shoots under their nails then to step on a tread mill. Or would rather be caught dead than to be seen sweaty and haggard, running wild-eyed through the local park as if running from the police. For these types of people, there’s a way to ‘cheat’ on the excersize part of detoxing: stretch (to circulate the lymphatic system) and sweat (either in a sauna or under loads of blankets). It’s not as beneficial as a nice long run, but is certainly better than nothing.

4. Deep breathing.

The lungs are an important organ for filtration and detoxification. Furthermore, breathing deeply relaxes the body and mind, so that your body no longer holds on to extra body fat, thinking it’s in lock-down ‘fight or flight’ mode. Mental stress and anxiety cause shallow breathing (among other bad habits), which is very detrimental to the body and psyche.

Make a conscious effort to breathe deelpy and to smile more often – you can do this in a number of ways, for example by putting a note above the door handle when leaving the house or enjoying the good smell of a scented candle.

Affordably Foods & Drinks for a Cheap Detox

lemon water for cheap detox5. Lemon water.

Lemons and limes are high in Vitamin C, which is practically a miracle substance. Full health benefits can be found here, but the basic conclusion is that you’ll be ingesting more immune-system boosting vitamin C with a glass of lemon water, plus

6. More water.

You can jazz it up by adding frozen berries (tastier than ice cubes, too), cucumber, mint, orange — practically any fruit. Leave it in a glass jar or carafe for the entire day (and replace water that you’ve drank), or in the fridge for 2-3 days, before replacing the fruit. And don’t throw away any fruit that has been in water all day…. even though some vitamin C might have been lost, you can still throw the berries into your morning oatmeal for some good-looking flavour.

If you’d like to promote a feeling of peacefulness which is rudimentary for detoxing and healing, add gem stones such as rose quartz (for love, healing, peace) or red jasper (strengthens the Earth Chakra and primal energy). Masaru Emoto has studied water for decades, and has published numerous fascinating studies on the effects of various stimuli (music, microwaves, prayer, affirmations) on water. He’s proven (with double-blind testing) by means of photographing water crystals that subtle energies do indeed have an effect on the structure of water.

Another easy trick to drink more water every day is to add more water to your soup. You’re not being cheap – you’re being healthy!

7. Less sugar.

This includes alcohol as well as the usual suspects laden with refined sugar. If you have a sweet tooth, then add some honey or maple syrup to your cup of tea — the sweet craving will be passably satisfied, and a stomach full of warm tea won’t feel as hungry.

dandelion growing on the roadside8. Harvest Your Lawn.

Well, obviously don’t do this if you use pesticides on your lawn or if your dog uses it as a toilet.

Depending on which region you live in, there are various edible wild plants that you can harvest and imbibe raw, cooked or steeped in tea.

Dandelion is one of the most common ‘weeds’ and both its leaves and roots are immensely beneficial to the liver, which together with the kidneys does the majority of the body’s detoxification work. The whole dandelion plant is edible. Because of its tough nature, it can easily be grown in the garden or inside the house with minimal maintenance.

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The Best Cheap Detox is Just 30 Minutes a Day

Unless you want to starve yourself or imbibe dangerous chemicals — which we don’t recommend — the best way to cleanse your body and detoxify is simply to spend a half hour each day on getting healthier.

There’s no need to go out and buy expensive, exotic vegetables that aren’t even in season. And you can save your money rather than spend it on drink powders or ‘meal replacement’ drinks. The best way to detoxify your body is to eat wholesome foods, eat less, drink more water, and add more movement to your day. Being affordably natural is really that simple.


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