DIY sugar body scrub

In today’s hectic lifestyle, taking time to care for your skin can be expensive if you have to buy lots of name brand products from stores — plus, they often have harmful ingredients that dry out your skin. Do It Yourself (DIY) body scrubs are the solution! The homemade body scrub ideas are absolutely easy to make and don’t take up much time of your schedule.

Make a DIY body scrub in less than 10 minutes

Well, obviously if you have to drive (your car or your bike or public transport) to buy the ingredients, then in total it’ll end up being more than ten minutes! But if you can pick up the ingredients while your’re shopping or better yet, pick the ingredients fresh from your backyard or nearby patch of forest, then these recipies will be a piece of cake to throw together.

Here are 9 DIY homemade body scrub recipes which include elements like, sugar, salt, olive oil, peppermint and other natural ingredients which can get rid of your dry skin and replace it with soft and silky skin which will be seamlessly within your budget.

Rule of thumb for homemade body scrub recipies

I’ve included just the basics in the body scrub recipes below, because I tend to DIY body scrubs like I DIY my life…. basically, flying by the seat of my pants. I mix this with that and to hell with following directions… I throw in surprise ingredients, and just keep adding more of this or that to make the consistency right. So, the general rules to keep in mind when making your own body scrub:

  • Go easy on the citrus: If you need a measurement, then call it less than 10% citrus ingredient per batch. So if you have 1 cup coffe, 1 cup olive oil, then you’ll want less than 2/10 of a cup lemon juice. (Okay, my math is terribly off, but you get the idea.) Citrus is full of skin-nourishing anti-oxidants like Vitamin C, but it can really dry out your skin. So be careful!
  • Half exfoliant, half ‘other stuff’: If the exfoliant is ground-up coffee, for example, then mix one cup coffee grounds with one cup total of ‘other’ stuff like coconut oil, fresh aloe juice, rose petals, etc. This ensures that the homemade body scrub isn’t too harsh on your sensitive skin.
  • AffordablyNatural Tip: Exchange ingredients to make it cheaper!
    If you drink coffee in the morning, scrub with it at night! You can use coffee grounds as an exfoliating DIY body scrub ingredient, or you can put the coffee grounds straight back into the earth in your garden, compost heap or local park.

1. Lime salt body scrub

Ideal for dry skin, this homemade body scrub is all about freshness and tanginess which makes your skin smooth and soft. Along with fresh lime juice, add a touch of olive oil, grated lime peel and kosher salt. This enticing smelling exfoliating body scrub will remove the flakiness of the skin and lend a smooth touch to your skin.

2. Coconut oil and sugar body scrub

This easy to make DIY homemade body scrub has a sweet-smelling fragrance which nourishes the skin and makes it supple. The coconut oil is warmed up with the sugar which creates a wonderful concoction for the skin. This homemade body scrub cleanses the skin and eliminates dry and chapped skin.

DIY Almond Body Scrub

3. Almond Body Scrub

This exfoliating body scrub not only removes the flaky skin but also adds the benefits of the natural elements to the skin. Comprising of almond oil, sea salt, lavender buds and geranium essential oil, this homemade body scrub is an all-natural and organic scrub for the summer skin. The ingredients are mixed in appropriate proportions and applied on the dry skin for best results. The almond oil of the homemade body scrub is enriched with healthy benefits which will certainly rejuvenate the skin.

Chocolate Sugar Body Scrub Homemade

4. Chocolate Sugar Body Scrub

The perfect way to replenish your skin with rich and dense homemade body scrub with this brilliant sugar scrub recipe with a charming touch of chocolate. Consisting of raw cane sugar, white sugar, cocoa baking powder, almond oil and vanilla, this sugar scrub recipe involves the mixture of the cocoa and sugars, after which, the olive oil and vanilla are added for consistency. The homemade body scrub can be dry or oily, depending on your requirements. Apply it for a soft and smooth skin.

5. Peppermint Body Scrub

Gift yourself or your dear ones with this refreshing homemade body scrub which will pamper your skin and will lend a refreshing touch. With 3 tablespoons of sugar and 4 tablespoons of sweet almond oil, this homemade body scrub will get a minty flavour with the peppermint oil. The paste can be applied on all skin types for yielding the finest skin solutions. The fresh essence of the peppermint body scrub will be evident from the glowing and velvety skin.

6. Citrus Salt Scrub

Add a vibrant touch to your mornings, as you acquire this DIY exfoliating body scrub, made fromthe fresh citrus zest. Ideal for morning showers or evening baths, this exfoliating body scrub includes sea salt, olive oil and lemon zest, which are combined together for a dry pack. Apply it on your skin for some time and wash it off for a radiating and soft skin.

7. Oatmeal Body Scrub

This pleasant-smelling exfoliating body scrub makes a gentle peeling of the skin and nourishes it with natural ingredients and vitamins. The oatmeal body scrub is easy to make and it not only softens the skin but hydrates it and removes itchy dry skin.

8. Apricot Sugar Body Scrub

Give your skin a replenishing feel, especially during the wintry mornings with this DIY homemade apricot sugar body scrub. Along with apricot oil, add some sugar and combine them for a consistent mixture. The almond oil is enriched with rich elements which nourish dry skin easily. Apply it on your skin and wash it off after some time for a glowing outlook.

9. Eucalyptus Scrub

If you want to render a smooth touch to your chapped lips or dried legs, then this homemade body scrub is ideal for you. The fresh eucalyptus oil possesses natural antioxidants and elements which will revive the freshness of your skin. Combine it with coconut oil for acquiring supple skin.

$10 of ingredients will let you use these DIY body scrubs for weeks

You might spend $10 on the ingredients, but the batch of finished product will be enough to last you for weeks! These DIY exfoliating body scrub recipes are easy to make and very affordable — but be careful to not over-use these body scrubs. I usually exfoliate with them once or twice a week, depending on how much dry skin I have (and the season’s weather).

If you’ve tried any of these recipies yourself, let us know how it went! Leave us a comment below or get in touch via Facebook or Pinterest.




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