You won‘t ever want a different lotion again. Ever.
Your skin will drink in this natural body butter like a cool, refreshing lemonade on a hot summer day.

I‘ve spent countless years perfecting this recipe during long, cold Minnesotan winters. Trust me – this this is actually the BEST natural body butter ever.

When you use natural products, it‘s like re-training your body to heal itself. Commercial lotions always left my skin drier than before. Some even made my eczema worse

Coconut oil body butter
The body butter is a little bit harder or more solid if you don’t whip it. (See instructions below.)


All Natural Body Butter is Easy to Make

Yes, easier than cake. Really.

Here are the tools and basic ingredients you‘ll need to DIY natural body butter at home:

  • Heating device: stovetop or old-fashioned Easy Bake Oven (the kind with the lightbulb inside) are preferrable to the microwave
  • Measuring device: a kitchen scale is okay, but a more accurate scale is desireable (like the kind used to weigh your weed –-uh, if you live in Colorado)
  • Coconut oil: I use organic coconut oil as the base for all my body butters and lip balms. But if you want something lighter for summertime, you can use argan oil instead.
  • Essential oils: lavender is by far the best due to its soothing, anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Butter: use shea butter and/or cocoa butter, whatever you prefer

Now, before you begin make sure that you can dedicate enough time and attention to making this natural body butter. If your dog is begging to go out or you get distracted fixing a sandwich, then you might burn this mixture!!!

Really, the only way you can f*ck this up is by overheating it.

How to Make the Best Natural Body Butter at Home

Whipped body butter

Step 1: Combine

Take a glass bowl or a double boiler and mix ½ cup of each: coconut oil, cocoa seed butter, soybean oil and sunflower oil.

Heat on medium, stirring until it all melts and blends together.

Step 2: Add Essential Oils

Remove from heat. While you let the mixture cool, add 20-35 drops of essential oils. You can use any kind you‘d like.

I add 25 drops of lavender, since it‘s a skin-soothing essential oil with a light scent. And I add 7 drops of eucalyptus for its anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. It also smells so invigorating and refreshing!

Step 3: Poured or Whipped

Ha, that reminds me of James Bond: shaken, not stirred.

You can make your body butter lighter for using during the summertime, or leave it ‚au natural‘ for intense hydration.

Rich & heavy for winter – simply pour the natural body butter into a sealable jar. I reuse glass marmelade jars since they‘re the perfect size. Then, let the mixture cool (maybe in the fridge).

Light & whipped for summer – once the mixture has cooled enough to the point of near coagulation or hardening, whip it up with egg beaters. This takes usually 10 minutes. Then, put it in the fridge to fully set / harden.

Benefits of All Natural Body Butter

Buying commercial products is not only expensive, but can be dangerous. Harsh chemicals are used and some are not even listed – because they‘re a byproduct of some ingredients, not a direct ingredient alone.

Read more in Naví‘s article, full of scientific terms and stuff: 5 Popular Body Lotions with Harmful Ingredients You’re Using Right Now

But if you make your own, or buy an all natural, organic body butter, then that‘s the best thing you can do for your body‘s largest organ: your skin!

Did You Know?
Lavender oil can also be used as a bug repellant.



As Naví demonstrated in our Love Your Body product video below, you can use our natural body butter on your skin, lips and even on your hair in place of hair gel!


Fun Fact:
Lavender oil was used in a Scottish study to treat male baldness.
40% of patients saw increased hair growth.

Homemade Organic Body Butter

The natural body butter recipe above takes about 40-45 minutes to make. That only includes the time needed to weigh the ingredients, prepare the jars for storage, and mix it all together.

But if you include the time needed to shop for ingredients, as well as weighing them and mixing, it could take 3-5 hours to make your own natural body butter. You might not be able to make a new batch of natural body butter every couple months.

Or, maybe you‘re just not a good cook. Even if it‘s cooking things that weren‘t intended to be edible.

Check out our homemade, all natural organic body butter: Love Your Body.

Yes, it‘s safe for sensitive skin (babies & children).
Yes, it‘s non-GMO and paraben-free.
Yes, it‘s also cruelty free & made in the U.S.A.

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You can spend 3 hours shopping and making the natural body butter recipe I‘ve shared here, or you can spend $29 and get Love Your Body organic body butter – with free shipping.

Love your body, love your self.
And that starts with being natural.

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  1. Ooooh, I’ll have to try this sometime. I’ve never whipped my creams & body butters before…. would you recommend it?

    • I actually like un-whipped myself…. but it depends on the season. In summer I usually just put on some argan oil on my face, if anything. I guess it’s a matter of personal preference and skin type (oily vs. dry or ‘normal’)

  2. Hey Casey, thanks for sharing! I’ll have to try some of this next time I’m over – remind me to ask you about it!

    And is the whipped kind better than just leaving it like it is? Or is it too thick / sticky when it’s not whipped?

    Love and hugs,

    • For sure! 🙂

      Haha…. funny you’re writing to me when you’re just downstairs. Haha…

      I like whipped body butter in the summer better, since it’s lighter kind of… like, you don’t need as much and it melts into your skin faster.

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